Push Notification

In this tile, you have to fill in the following fields:


write your message content by filling in the fields included in Content, Action, and Extra

  • Content: write your message title and content, and select an image.

  • Action: choose among Home Page App, MBurger Section, In-app view, and Link. This determines which of your app sections users see when they open your push notification.

  • Extra: if Custom Sound & Splash Screen is enabled, you can choose the name of the audio file and/or of the custom image of your message.


select the target audience for your message among All users, Topic, and Specific Target

Select β€œAll Users” to send a message to all your App users.

Select a specific β€œTopic” to send a push notification only to those users registered to a specific Topic.

Select β€œSpecific target” to send a message to a specific target of your App.

If you don’t have one yet, you can create a new one right away clicking on the bottom right button +add new audience.


decide when you want your message to be sent, you can choose among Send now!, Schedule, and Behaviour.

Select β€œSend now!” to immediately send the message.

Select β€œSchedule” to choose the future date and time when your message will be sent.

Select β€œBehaviour” to choose a specific behaviour of your customer after which a notification will be sent.

Then, click on + Add trigger and select one of the triggers appearing in the right tile:

  • Screen View: show the message when users have visited a specific page/section of your app.

  • App Openings: show the message whenever users open your app a specific number of times.

  • Location: show the message when users enter or leave a specific section of your app.

  • Custom Event: show the message when a specific event occurs.

  • Inactive User: show the message to those users who haven’t been opening your app for a specific period of time.

  • Tag Change: show the message when a tag is added or removed.

Message settings

Decide the start and end dates for your push notification, your message name, and description.

Well done, you've just create your push notification! Now, click on the top right blue Botton Finish and send your push notification.

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