In this section, you can invite users to participate in a project and manage user's role and invitations

You need to add a correct email and a role, choosing between admin, developer and content manager

Depending on their role, users will have different permissions:

  • admin can read and modify everything

  • Developers and Content Managers can only see some Sections of the platform (the ones they've been invited to)

  • Content Managers cannot make certain changes, like deleting a Block

You can send invitations by email and, once they've been accepted,you will see users on this page. Eventually, you can perform two different actions:

  • edit : to change user's role

  • unlink : to remove users from a specific project

While the invitation is still pending (it hasn't been accepted yet), you can perform other two actions :

  • resend : in case you want to resend th invitation email to the user

  • cancel : to cancel the invitation (e.g. in case you made a mistake)

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